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Dekaz Kelosoft Cream 25g


Dekaz Kelosoft Cream 25g


Beauty care (improvement) scars.
a) as a safety agent: 2 to 3 weeks after the operation start of the first rubbing Kelosoft to prevent the formation of unsightly scars, keloid scarring and contracture.
b) as an adjuvant in hypertrophic scarring after surgery, scarring incisions and scarring from burns and other injuries e.g. sections. In unsightly scars on the face. In skin grafts to cover wounds with plastic surgery. When necessary a reconstructive surgery scar, the use of cream Kelosoft before surgery facilitates surgery. In the postoperative treatment in cosmetic surgery. For faster disappearance of the red color of the scar.

The healing cream Kelosoft is capable of dissolving the excess scar tissue. After a few weeks the adhesions which stabilize the scar disappearing. A few months later found to polish the contracture scars and hyperplasia of fibrous tissue. At this stage of the active ingredients henbane oil begin to eliminate keloid scar. In many cases it may prevent a reconstructive surgery scar.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Inappropriate use of the mucous membranes and open wounds or unhealed.