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Hansaplast Wound Cleaning Spray, 100ml


Hansaplast Wound Cleaning Spray is ideal for antiseptic wound cleaning as it protects against pain-free infections. Even superficial wounds if not cleaned effectively can be contaminated. The first step for optimum healing is the cleansing of the wound and is recommended for all types of wounds.
Hansaplast Wound Cleaning Spray is an easy-to-use spray for antiseptic cleansing of small but deep wounds, such as cuts, abrasions, abrasions, minor burns first and second degree and open blisters.
It can also be used for chronic wounds and postoperative wound care based on your doctor''s instructions. It also helps remove the Kakadoy and the wounded gauze.
It does not contain alcohol, does not cause stinging or pain when applying and does not dry the skin. Hansaplast Wound Cleaning Spray is a painless and effective way to clean wounds from dirt and bacteria and protects against the infection of wounds. The solution is transparent, so it does not leave stains on clothes as they leave dark-colored products containing for example iodine or eosin.
It is friendly to the skin and suitable for children, while it is a drastic and gentle way to enhance the healing process of the wound.
The easy-to-use packaging of hansaplast Katharismoy wound Spray works equally well at any angle. In this way, it is ideal for first aid, sports and outdoor activities.

Wound cleaning, antiseptic, infection protection.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.