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SKU 11512

Oti OMEOCUTIS 75gr pomata Ointment for skin


Tessuto elastico 4 DH
D. N. A. 4 DH
Placenta 4 DH
Cute 4 DH
R. N. A. 4 DH
Olio di ricino 2 CH
Mercurius bijodatus 4 CH ana 0,15 ml
Excipients q.b. to 100 gr.

It has a large effect on the utility of soft leather trim. For her reconstructive and rejuvenating properties offer great benefits in all cases where the skin has abrasions, irritation, scars, wounds, dehydration and flooding.

Topical use after every wash, 3 to 4 times daily.

Tube of 75 gr.

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