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SKU 29097

Schulke Octenisan md Nasal Gel, 6ml


The nasal gel Octenisan md Nasal Gel is a hydrogel used to moisturize and disinfect with natural cleansing of the anterior part of the nasal cavity and support the care of wounds to lesions of the nasal epithelium.
The hydrophilic properties of Octenisan MD Nasal Gel Ensure adequate hydration of the nasal cavity. The systematic action of hydrogel promotes a normal environment that prevents the installation of bacteria. Further, the correction of physiological protection and purification functions contribute to effective disinfection by polyresistant pathogens. Lesions of the nasal epithelium are soaked through the hydrogel and can be effectively healed. The epithelial cells must be able to multiply and migrate for the healing process. This is more likely in a humid environment.

Nasal gel, hydrating nasal cavity, disinfecting nasal cavity, support of nasal epithelium wound therapy.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Do not use in children under 1 year.
Do not use in combination with cleaning soaps, ointments, enzymes, oils or similar products because it may affect the preservation of the product.
Do not use with PvP Iodine, because it can cause discoloration or reduced antiseptic action of PvP Iodine.

6 ml