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Stratpharma, Stratamed 5gr


The Stratamed aftostatheropoioumeno is a silicone gel, transparent and non-tacky, for preventing and treating disfiguring scars, which have the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids.
Stratamed is suitable for application in:
♦ open wound
♦ fresh surgical incision
♦ burns

♦ resection
♦ chemical exfoliation (peeling)
♦ laser treatment
♦ skin that has been the solution of continuity
♦ abrasions
♦ superficial burns from radiation therapy.

It can be applied to exposed areas like the face and neck and in areas (eg. Joints, areas of scalp without requiring removal of the bristles.
You can use the Stratamed with or without protective bandage.
The drying of a thin protective silicone sheet is created. Provides protection to the affected skin or open wounds from chemical or microbial filtration. Protects moisture wound and regulates the exchange of gases. This allows the normalization of collagen production in the process leading to normal scar healing.
The Stratamed is suitable for use on children or people with sensitive skin.

Instructions for use:

Make sure the skin facing the problem or the wound is clean.
Before applying Stratamed remove any exudate or fluid from the wound.
When not required bandaging: Apply a very thin layer by gently to the affected area and repeat these movements until dry.

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