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SKU 25309

WinMedica Sofargen Spray 125ml


The Sofargen spray is a medical composition in powder form for spray for topical use. It contains light kaolin and silver sulfadiazine. the essence of light kaolin (china clay lightweight) creates a mechanical barrier to external factors, protecting injured skin while drains and absorbs exudates. The presence of the substance silver sulfadiazine (silver sulfadiazine), a metal organic compound, which is produced by the reaction of silver nitrate with sulfadiazine, prevents the microbial contamination of the composition and maintain the wound free of other extraneous bacteria.
The special formula Sofargen Spray controls exudates creating an environment facilitating the natural healing and provides an effective barrier to microbial penetration. The product remains in the original position where applied and is not affected by the extent of the wound edges. It can be removed easily by cleaning the wound with saline.

If you are sensitive to any of its ingredients do not use
First clean the wound before application of the product.
If you experience side effects, discontinue use and consult a doctor
Pregnant women and young children to use it only after medical advice