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Anurex Cryotherapy Device for Haemorrhoids


Immediate relief from piles of the first application

Application at home, without pain. There is no contraindication

Accelerates the healing process and helps to avoid surgery .

How does act against the haemorrhoid

The Anurex is a therapeutic device , the size of a small finger. Used as a suppository , which penetrate the edge of the anus and after 6 minutes the removed very easily, has stop, which allows its removal . Thus causes vasoconstriction , ie shrinkage of hemorrhoids ! The Anurex is cryotherapy for immediate relief of pain, itching, inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids .

Enclosed within the device is a scientifically designed refrigerant which, when frozen , relieve a controlled degree of cold directly inside the rectal tissue. The cooling action causes the blood vessels in the affected area to shrink , leading to soothe the swelling of tissues , decreased bleeding , pain and itching . When used according to label instructions, the Anurex reduces inflammation of hemorrhoidal tissue. The controlled cold attributed Anurex of the applicator is designed for the safety of the patient and does not damage the tissues of the rectum. The Anurex has no side effects and is easy to use. The recommended treatment is twice daily for 6 minutes. The Anurex can be used as often as needed eliminating the need for other treatments.

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