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Farma Derma Cicatridina (anal) 10supps


The innovative composition, allows Cicatridina®supp. accelerate normal recovery functions colorectal mucosal tube. In this way, the healing time is reduced (and therefore the risk of bacterial infection) after
Hemorrhoidectomy all types
Anal fissures ring
Surgeries for perianal fistulas abscesses
Deductions warts, polyps, etc..,
Itching of the anal ring
Radiation-induced orthitides - proctitis,
Nonspecific proctitis and orthitides.
Moreover, they provide the patient with a rapid and complete breakdown with long residence times (and thus a prolonged therapeutic effect) of the active substance into the inflamed tissue or wound. Hyaluronic acid intervenes here, in each of the stages of the healing process
The end add the following ingredients
* Aloe Vera (attenuates the inflammatory response, and enhancing the absorption of other ingredients)
* Centella Asiatica (accelerate tissue regeneration)
* Calendula (particularly apoidimatiki and vasoprotective action completes the right steps for a Fast, Safe and Effective Healing without complications
Packing: 10 suppositories each 2gr