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Intestinal Transit
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Doctor’s Formula Xolon 30caps


Xolon, Formula to combat constipation.

Recommended in cases of constipation and difficulty emptying. In addition, for those with reduced intestinal motility. Because enrichment with fiber (psyllium, kaskara), stimulates the muscular wall of the intestine. The herbal ingredients (You, kaskara, fennel, aloe vera, rhubarb, boldo, mallow), increase the peristalsis of the intestine and stimulate the sagging muscles. The prebiotic fibers containing (polysaccharides, glucomannan, etc.), Ensure food in the intestinal flora to restore normal bowel function, protecting the liver burdened by toxins. Specifically the boldo provides boltini that protects the liver and helps in indigestion.

The product is in stock in the form of tablets. Each pack contains 30 tablets of 750mg. Take two tablets every night.

This product is not indicated for the treatment, care, and prevention of human disease.
In cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding or where you are on medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking.

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