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Intestinal Transit
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OTI Neolax 60caps/500mg For Constipation


Natural food supplement based on vegetable extracts and live enzymes. It is not laxatives, but a "regulator" of intestinal mobility.


The NEOLAX indicated in cases of constipation and poor digestion, however, renew their gastrointestinal function without the active laxatives. This product promotes the interaction of L-Acidophilus DDS-1 and Bifidobacterium bifidus and activates the intestinal bacterial flora. It is a special blend of digestive enzymes, and a well-balanced blend of herbs that promote a cleansing action and stimulation of peristalsis.

Main indications

Constipation, colitis, gastrointestinal irritability, bloating. Competitive action in the decomposition of Clostridia (anaerobic bacteria). Served with ydrokolonotherapeia in case of severe constipation.

60 Capsules

NOTIFICATION No EOF: 49001 - 17/7/2007