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Fora Active P30 Plus Series


Fora Active P30 Plus Series digital sphygmomanometer - blood multifunction pressure monitoring system


Smart Technology with averaging
♦ Auscultatory measurement
♦ With technology SCP (irregular heartbeat)
Detection for morning and night Hypertension
♦ features with Bluetooth connectivity
Certification precision ESH protocol based
♦ Use with Stethoscope and clinical use
♦ Proposed (for clinical use) in the list of electronic sphygmomanometer of ESH
60 Memories & Averages for measuring Morning & Evening Hypertension
♦ Clinically Certified
♦ Warranty delegation lifetime with replacement (by intended use)

> Use only the intended use as described in the instruction manual
> Do not use accessories not specified by the manufacturer
> Do not use the appliance if it is damaged or corrupted
> Do not use on neonates, infants or those with difficulty communicating
> Keep the device away from heat sources and from small children

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