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Microlife Wide Range Soft Cuff Gray, 1pcs


Microlife Soft soft cuffs in gray are available in different sizes for a perfect fit to ensure greater accuracy > during blood pressure measurements blood pressure.

Use only with Microlife pressure gauges (except WatchBP pressure gauges).

Compatible with all digital micrometers Microlife .

Cufflinks Microlife Pressure Gauges

Choose the correct size based on the following:

Cuff Size Armature Perimeter (cm)
Small 17-22
Mediium 22-32
Medium-Large 22-42
Large 32-42
Large - Extra Large 32-52


Cleaning the cuff
Carefully remove any stains from the cuff using a damp cloth and soap.
Soft cuff: Always remove bubble 5 from the cuff before cleaning. Then reinstall it with
precision bubble.

Attention :
Under no circumstances should you wash the inner strap!
Do not wash the cuff in the washing machine or dishwasher!

The cuff has a 2 year warranty (bubble tightening) operating guarantee.
• Warranty does not include sleeves and cuffs due to wear.
• The guarantee is valid only upon presentation of proof of purchase.
• The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents or non-compliance with the operating instructions.

Content - Packaging
1 cuff

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