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Omron M4 Intelli IT - Smart Arm Pressure Gauge, 1Pc


span style="font-weight: bold;" Smart Arm Pressuremeter Omron M4 Intelli IT with clinically certified accuracy.
-    Easy to use with one button only
-    Clinically certified by the European Society Hypertension
-    Clinically certified and used by diabetic and pregnant
-    With Bluetooth technology for quick, easy and automatic connection of the pressure meter to your mobile
-    Via the app Omron connect for mobile iPhone & Android you and your doctor automatically have the full image and manage your pressure from mobile*br /> -    You can now automatically all your mobile pressure information with informative boards and profiles and follow the doctor's instructions
-    1 out of 3 users place armouron incorrect. With the unique armband Intelli Wrap however, the M4 Intelli IT counts with certified accuracy even if the armband is correctly inserted.
-    As well as place the armband Intelli Wrap around your arm, the measurement will be accurate
-    Armband Intelli Wrap is medium-large 22-42cm, suitable for normal and plus size people
-    With indication on the screen if pressure is outside the normal limits
-    Detecting irregular heart rate (arrhythmia)
-    <>span style="font-weight: bold?">body motion detection during measurement for maximum accuracy
-    Memory of 60 metrics for 2 different users with date, time, and average
-    Battery and Power
-    Greek instructions for use
-    With a five-year warranty from the delegation
G. Leousis S.A.

Automatic pressure gauge  arm

Read the instruction manual before use.

* check your mobile compatibility at

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1 pressure gauge

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