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Body Fat Scales
SKU 26190

Beurer DS 61 Nutritional analysis scale


The diet kitchen scale is a nutritional value analysis scales which serves for weighing food and diet control. The weight is displayed in 1-gram. The diet kitchen scale is intended for private use. With this you can quickly and simply:
-To Measure the food weight to 5000g (weighing mode)
-To Identify various nutritional values ​​(in protein, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates) 950 foods.
-To Determine the energy value of 950 foods in kilocalories (kcal) or kilojoule (kj)
-To Display the carbohydrate content in MA (bread units)
-To Store foods were weighed within a certain time and can display the totals (storage mode).

Moreover, the diet kitchen scale has the following additional functions:
-50 Individually programmable memory locations for food
-Operation tare weighing of the food directly one after the other or in the bowl
-Ability to toggle between grams and ounces
-automatic off function after 180 seconds
-automatic warning operation at excessively greater than 5000g weighing range
-an indication battery replacement when the batteries are weak.

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