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Beurer GS 170 Ruby


Beurer GMBH GS 170 Ruby

The Beurer GMBH GS 170 Ruby is a convenient and ideal glass scale with high accuracy the company Beurer very large LCD and digit size 40 mm. To distinguish efkrinestata the results as they are easily readable LCD display and has glass weighing surface Safety. It has a flat construction height 1.9 cm, with a choice of pounds indicator switch to pounds and vice versa and has durability for maximum weight up to 150 pounds with rating per 100 g. It has an overload indicator and auto power on / off so as to prolong the battery life. It is simple, functional, non-slip and easy to clean. Batteries included (2 x 3V CR 2032).
Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.9 cm.
Weight: 1490 kg.
5 years warranty

Manufacturer must: Beurer

Maximum load capacity: 150 kg

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