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SKU 25089

Medisana Weighing Scale PS 460 XL


Medisana weighing scale PS 460 XL, Digital personal scales with easy activation "step-on", large legible LED display with red backlit digits, particularly large surface
Adjustable for weighing in kg, lb and st and weighing up to a maximum weight: 200 kg and grading 100g
It has four high-precision DMS sensors for high accuracy measurements
Automatically switches off after about 8 ''
It features a sleek stainless steel design

You can measure your weight in kilograms (kg), in stone (st) or pounds (lb)
Operation "step on"

> Size: 35 * 34 * 2 cm
> Weight: 2,6 kg
> Measuring range: 5-200 kg
> Graduation: 100g, 0.2 lb <1/4 lb
> Display: 88 * 43 mm
> 6 AAA batteries

Caution: remove the batteries before cleaning the device, do not use for the cleaning of the scales hard brushes or caustic detergents, but clean it only with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Do not expose the scale on dirt and sunshine, although the scale is not in use do not leave within the batteries.