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Body Fat Scales
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OMRON BF 508 With the authenticity guarantee


The new OMRON BF 510 Body Composition Monitor is a breakthrough for all health-oriented people who now can really take their measurement with the highest accuracy available.

The concept of Body Composition monitoring has been introduced by OMRON to make professional technology available to every user. The new design with four large foot-sensors results in an optiomal measuring position. The weight mesurement up to 150kg now guarantees optimal result. An accurate classification of the results for BMI, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle and especially Visceral Fat immediately enables you to interpret your personal results.

With the classification of the new OMRON BF510 as a Medical Device it underlines clearly the reliability and accuracy in measurement, making it an excellent device for a wide range of users.

Omron BF510 Body Composition Monitor Features:

  • Accurate entire body measurement
  • Weight measurement upto 150 kg
  • 8-sensor measurement technology using both hands and feet
  • Visceral Fat level – 30 levels noted
  • Skeletal Muscle % - ranges from 5% to 50%
  • Weight, Body Fat and BMI with range indication
  • Manufacturers warranty
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