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Body Fat Scales
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OMRON BF-511-With the authenticity guarantee



The new OMRON Body Composition Monitor BF500 is a breakthrough for all health-oriented people who now can really take their measurement with the highest accuracy available. The professional 4-point-measurement including hands and feet will guarantee highest accuracy without influence from body water movement or other factors. The determination of the Visceral Fat level – the level of fat surrounding the inner organs – will ensure to have an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases always under observation. The calculation of the Resting Metabolism rate will support the user in his desire to live a healthy lifestyle according to his needs. The measurement of the Skeletal Muscle percentage will ensure the success of fitness-programmes used to improve the physical condition of each user. The measurement of weight and Body Mass Index (BMI), 4 personal memories and the possibility to track your data back up to 90 days complete the range of this product.

Accurate entire body measurement 4-sensor measurement technology using both hands and feet Visceral Fat level – 30 levels noted Resting Metabolism rate – calorie expenditure of resting body Skeletal Muscle % - ranges from 5% to 50% Weight, Body Fat and BMI with range indication 4 personal memories and data tracking up to 90 days