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Body Fat Scales
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Omron Viva - Smart Scale-Lipometer, 1pc


The Omron Viva Smart Scale-Lipometer is a medical device with clinically validated basic parameters that allows you to better understand your heart health (visceral fat, fat and skeletal muscle) and better predict cardiovascular events.
Omron Viva is a clinically validated device that uses bioelectric resistance (BIA) technology to evaluate the composition of your body. It delivers accurate results confirmed by medically approved standard methods of analysis.


- Designed to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle
- Clinically Certified Smart Scale-Lipometer with Bluetooth Technology for 6-Parameter Measurement and Monitoring
- Measures heart health parameters: body fat in%, muscle tissue in%, visceral fat in 30 levels
- It also measures weight (up to 150kg per 100g), body mass index (BMI), calorie metabolism (kcal)
- With the Omron connect app for iPhone & Android mobile you get all the metrics automatically with charts and blueprints on your mobile (check mobile compatibility at
- With automatic user recognition and memory of 30 metrics per user for 4 different users and visitors
- Share your measurements with your doctor, nutritionist or trainer and follow his instructions for a better lifestyle
- The Omron VIVA Smart Scale-Lipometer is part of the "Omron connect" ecosystem. Combine it with one of the smart Omron EVOLV, Omron M7 Intelli IT or Omron RS7 Intelli IT blood pressure monitors and accurately monitor changes in your body, pressure and pulse.
- With Greek instructions for use
- With 2 years guarantee of delegation

Smart scales lipometer.

Read the safety manuals in the instruction manual before using the product.

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