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Body Fat Scales
SKU 6217

seca 700 mechanical column scales with eye level riders


Precise, robust and convenient: both carer and user will benefit more from the new seca 700. It sets a new standard worldwide. More precision due to the 50 g graduation and a higher capacity of up to 220 kg. More comfort due to the very flat, large platform and the eye-level riders. The seca 700 is available in three versions: kilograms, pounds and kilograms/pounds. The optional measuring rod with a range from 60 to 200 cm facilitates time-saving measuring and weighing in one step. Equipped with integrated transport castors for mobile and flexible use. 

220 kg / 500 lbs, 160 kg / 400 lbs

50 g / 1/8 lbs, 100 g / 1/4 lbs

Dimensions (WxHxD)  
520 x 1,556 x 519 mm

Dimensions/platform (WxHxD)  
350 x 84 x 360 mm

23.5 kg

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