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Asepta Breathe Chamber Inhaler with Anti-Static Valve 5 years+, 1pcs


The BreathCare Chamber is a chamber that is used along with a metered dose inhaler for administration to the lungs of an aerosolized drug. Made from absolutely non-toxic materials, to dramatically reduce the risks for both man and the environment. This appliance is manufactured and designed in accordance with the European Directive 92/42 EEC (1993) on Medical Devices. This device should only be used on the basis of a doctor''s instructions and with the medicine prescribed by your doctor.
Before using it carefully read the enclosed user instructions for the product.

♦ Ergonomically designed mask for perfect fit
♦ A colored exhalation valve that moves when the patient exits
♦ Antistatic chamber with valve allowing for inhalation of medicine for longer
♦ The sound whistle alerts the user to slow down the exhalation
♦ Screw colored bottom which provides better and safer application
♦ Reception for each type of prescription expiratory device.

Indications: Drug inhalation device with anti-static valve. For children aged 5+ y.o. and adults
For outdoor use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Content - Packaging:
1 piece