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Omron C-801 Kids - Nebulizer for Kids and Infants, 1pc


The Omron C801 Kid is a compressor nebulizer for the treatment of respiratory diseases of the lower airways such as asthma in babies and children.
It is specially designed for infants and children, thanks to its silent operation and child-friendly design. The Omron C801 Kid comes with a baby accessory that can be attached to the device to make breathing more enjoyable. The device also contains a mask for children and infants.
- Specially designed for infants and children
- Nebulates all medicines
- Rapid nebulization of the drug
- Very small size, very light and quiet
- Easy to use with just one button
- Includes baby mask, baby mask and mouthpiece
- Works with electricity
- With carry case
- With Greek instructions for use
- With a 3 year delegation guarantee

Nebulizer with compressor and mask, for children and infants.

A nebulization rate of 300 mg or 0.3 ml / min
Aerosol outlet 0.47ml
Aerosol outlet rate 0.06ml / min
MMAD Nebula Particle Size MMAD *
Drug Capacity 7 ml
Weight 270 gr
Dimensions in mm 142x72x98

* MMAD Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter
(Average Diameter Aerodynamic Particle Volume)

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.

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