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Omron MicroAIR U-100 - Portable Nebulizer, 1pcs


The Omron MicroAIR U100 is a small, portable nebulizer that helps to effectively treat respiratory conditions from simple cough to asthma.
The Omron MicroAIR U1000 is battery-packed and compact, ready for travel and easy to use whenever you need it. The unique MicroAIR technology makes it more efficient * and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulizers. It is virtually silent and the unique design allows it to be used in any location. Even while you are lying down, making it more comfortable for younger children.
- Too small (13 cm high) to carry it with you
- Works with 2 alkaline batteries for over 4 hours
- With the pioneering MicroAIR technology, it is more effective than most nebulizers as it delivers more drugs to the lungs.
- Ideal for the treatment of all respiratory diseases
- Inhalation is possible on all slopes, even in a horizontal position when the patient is lying down
- Nebulates all medicines
- Easy to use with one button
- Silent mode (20db)
- Suitable for infants, children and adults
- With Greek instructions for use
- Made in Japan
- With a 3 year delegation guarantee

Portable Nebulizer.

* Compared to most compressor nebulizers.

Nebulization rate 250mg or 0.25 ml / min
0.5ml aerosol outlet
Aerosol outlet rate 0.10ml / min
4.5mm MMAD Nebula Particle Size *
Drug Capacity 10 ml
Weight 120 gr (without batteries)
Dimensions in mm 38x130x60

* MMAD Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter
(Average Diameter Aerodynamic Particle Volume)

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