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SKU 18333

Care Diagnostica Uti Test, 2 tests




Package: Includes 2 tests

Sample test: Urine

Type test: Chromatographic

Test time: 1 minute

Accuracy test: 99%

Instructions in Greek


The test UTI Urinary Infection test, confirming the existence of microbial infection in the urine of men, women and children. Urinary tract infections usually occur in women and in men with prostate hyperplasia.


The Urinary Infection test product is specialized in producing biochemical tests Austrian company Care Diagnostica and successfully used in clinics and physicians'' offices across the world.


This is a very reliable, easy to implement, simple to understand the effect and cost-effective "three in one" test detection leukocytes, protein and nitrates in urine.


The detection in urine from Urinary Infection test whether one of these substances is a direct continuation of the diagnosis by a physician or biochemistry laboratory.


This test is intended for him / her to have some discomfort in the urinary system and want to learn in a fast and reliable manner in the comfort and privacy of their personal space, they are likely to suffer from urinary tract infection.


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