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Dnalogy Paternity Test


The DNAlogy offers you the opportunity to perform a paternity test fast, reliable, easily captured, with absolute discretion and confidentiality, through the use of salivary sampling DNAlogy-Patrotis-kit ®.


1. Buy the set of sampling from the pharmacy: 27.55 €

2. Analysis of samples to laboratories DNAlogy: 270,00 €

3. Receipt of results

Total: 281,99 €

1. Buy the SET sample from us. Contained specific sampling swabs. Ask yourself the sampling.

2. Send samples to the laboratories of DNAlogy.

3. Receive the results in 5 or 15 working days.

The paternity test determines whether a man is the biological father of a child. This information may appear useful in many situations:

For personal reasons when someone wants to know if a child is his.

For the official recognition of paternity.

In divorce cases: arrangement of food, settlement of custody, visitation rights settlement.

For purposes hereditary rights of succession.

For medical reasons: To ensure that you are the biological parent of a child resulting from IVF.

The Paternity Test of DNAlogy provides a clear answer to the probability of paternity.

Using our analysis for at least 16 genetic markers (more markers analyzed cases POUT necessary) the statistical reliability of the data is at least 99.999% if the genetic profile of the child and the father of identical and 100% in the absence of identification.

The technology uses DNAlogy to build the genetic profile of each question and then control of paternity is consistent with the highest international standards and analysis, interpretation and writing of the report of the results is carried out personally by a special expert of the laboratory.