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Powerpharm Βιομετρικό Watch FT-X, 1Pcs


The unique FT-X is a personal biometric clock with built-in blood pressure monitor, calorimeter and oxygen meter to monitor your fitness!
It's slim, reliable, easy-to-use, lightweight and stylishly designed to control our daily health.
The FT-X also works as a regular digital clock that shows the time, alerts you to your messages and calls and connects to a smartphone.
It easily and quickly connects to your mobile support app and keeps track of the measurements you've made for up to a year! It is easy to use as it operates directly at the touch of a button on the watch or directly from your mobile device.

Main Features of Clock Operation

    Display of Time - Date - Day (automatic screen illumination with hand movement)
    Step Measurement
    Measurement of Total Distance
    Calorie Counting (Walking)
    Heart rate measurement
    Blood Pressure Measurement
    Measurement of Oxygen Percentage in Blood
    Measurements during sleep (sleep quality measurement)
    Measurements during exercise (Measurement of time, calories during exercise).
    Call, Message & Social Media (via app)
    Search mobile, from watch (and vice versa)
    Take pictures from your mobile just by moving the wrist.

Basic Technical Specifications

    Compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0
    Lithium battery
    Operating with or without the mobile connection (to receive the time for the first time, even a single connection is required when you turn on the clock)

The package includes Greek Operating Instructions.

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