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SKU 2522

UA SURE Blood Uric Acid Monitoring System UASure


Fast, simple 2-step testing

◎ Code chip calibration

◎ One button memory recall

◎ Fast capillary action wicks sample into the test strip

◎ Small blood sample

◎ Biosensor technology

◎ 5-year warranty

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specification ‧Test Rang: 3~20 mg/dL (176~1170 uM) ‧Reading Time: 30 sec ‧Memory Capacity: 10 Results ‧Hct Rang: 30~50% ‧Sample Volume: 0.006 cc ‧Operation Temperature: 18℃~38℃ (64℉~100℉) ‧Power Supply: 3V Lithium Coin Cell x 1 ‧Size: 100x50x19 mm ‧Weight: 64g with battery -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents ‧UASure Meter ‧Test Strips ‧Auto Lancing Device ‧Monitor Checker ‧Battery ‧Code Card ‧Wallet ‧User''s Guide ‧Log Book