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Vivapharm Urinal Test 2Pcs


Vivapharm Urinal Test

Indications: Diagnosis of urinary tract infections

Now from the start of symptoms can you know if you have a urinary tract infection or if healed! Easily and rapidly, in just two minutes.
Ideal for seniors, children, bedridden for people with a probe for remote areas, when you want to know immediately!
Infections in the urinary manifested, among other things, frequent urination, burning and pain during urination, a strong feeling of fullness in the bladder while inability to urinate or elimination of small amounts of urine. The presence of nitrite in urine, or increased white blood cell count may indicate urinary tract infection.

Easy to use
Simply dip the urinal test in urine and compare the color of the diagnostic strip with the colors in the color scale.

Fast and reliable
The urinal test determines two parameters nitrite and leukocytes. Before performing the verification, read the detailed instructions for use included in the package.

Contents Each box contains two (2) test.

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