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The baby thermometer floating in water. The digital thermometer bath room and Philips AVENT has a dual use as it is a convenient way to monitor the temperature both in the bathroom and in the baby''s room. It has also been prearranged and tested safe and fun bath toy.
Complies with all relevant toy and safety standards: specifically designed to meet these norms and are totally safe and fun for babies of all ages to play in banio.Parousiazei accurate temperature readings for bath or bedroom: Digital thermometer Philips AVENT bath and baby''s room enables you to set the perfect temperature for tou.To baby room feel more beautiful in the bathroom if the water is between 36,5 ° C and 38 ° C - from 39 ° C and above is very hot and can burn! In the room, the baby sleep comfortable and feel beautiful at about 18 ° C.

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