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Microlife MT 800 Thermometer 10''''sec, 1pcs


This digital thermometer, which measures the temperature of your body over a period of ten (10) seconds.

The Microlife MT 800 10 sec is resistant to rain, water resistant, and does not contain mercury, which makes the construction of friendly towards the environment and society. Battery operated, whose change is easy, and has memory and beeper to alert you that the temperature measurement is made. Is gold hypoallergenic nickel-free sensor technology and Silent Glow. Features, yet flexible, elastic edge soft texture and great, illuminated display showing the temperature. Warns you about low battery thermometer, thanks to low battery indicator is. Off automatically, without pressing a button.

Provides flexible and secure high-precision measurement (+ - 0,1o C / + - 0,2o C). Measurements are made in oC - oF.

The high temperature is a reaction of the body during an illness. The body temperature increases to strengthen the defenses. Accurate temperature measurement is of great medical importance, as it contributes to the direct detection of diseases.

The Microlife thermometers are high-quality products and the latest technology, manufactured according to international standards. Their reliable thermometry is achieved through the use of microcomputers. They are hypoallergenic, with gilt edge, ideal for those who are sensitive to nickel, material used in the construction of traditional thermometers.

The calculation of the temperature is done by placing the thermometer in the armpits or the anus or mouth.

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