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Nuk 2 In 1 Thermometer For Babies, 1pc


NUK 2 in 1 thermometer for babies
Two ways of measuring temperature: measuring the disease of the ear or temple
Accurate results in just seconds thanks to innovative, tiny sensor
LCD screen for viewing the result
LED lamp with a green or red light that indicates if the baby has a fever
Features versatile as measured from room temperature to measure the temperature of baby food or toiletries
Thermometer 2 in 1 baby the NUK: a product that has a very small sensor with infrared transmitter for measuring the temperature of the ear or temple and multipurpose capabilities
Body temperature is an important indicator of the health of your baby. So it is necessary to be able to count with ease and accuracy. With the thermometer 2 in 1 baby the NUK the temperature measurement is simple and painless.
Accuracy of the result of measurement with two ways
The thermometer 2 in 1 NUK has a very small measuring probe with an infrared transmitter, thanks to which it can measure the temperature of the ear in just seconds. Alternatively, parents can measure the disease with the same precision positioning and holding the sensor to the temple of the baby for about five seconds.
Gentle on babies, Gay Parents
The measurement of body temperature is completely painless thanks to the tiny sensor. Especially practical: the red LED alerts you that your baby has a fever and the green light indicates that the body temperature is normal.
With memory function
You can control the course of the temperature during the day is effortless with the memory function.
Multiple uses
The thermometer for babies NUK can also be used to measure the surface temperature of baby food or bath. The LCD screen also shows the room temperature.
Contains a practical support and a lithium battery (CR 2032, 3 Volt) for you to use the thermometer from the very first moment.
NUK 2 in 1 thermometer for babies: the easiest and most painless way to measure fever.

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