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Anats Apron White Rays 0.02mm 100pcs


White apron Anats company.


The apron is suitable for hygienic protection of operators with medical issues. Specially designed by sterile polyethylene is particularly resistant. In white textured paint, stand out for their safety and protection they give to people who use .Ideal in a hospital environment, protect you from germs and impurities inherent therein. Cover the entire front surface and end up at the back, ensuring your protection required in an unsuitable environment healthy. Available in three different sizes, large, mentium and small. Additionally, the white apron of the company anants, is disposable

Do not use the aprons, if package is opened or damaged.
Do not use the aprons, if stored in unhygienic environment.
N ''stored at <50 degrees and kept dry.
The expiry date of the product, stated on the outer surface of the package. Avoid use with the expiration date.
The package contains 100 pieces in white aprons, rays of Italy Anats company.