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SKU 24078

Syndesmos Cutter And Crusher for Pills


Link chapokoftis and chapotriftis.


If you have trouble swallowing your medicines, the company Link gives you the solution, designing the cutter and crusher for pills. Suitable for cutting and grinding pills. It also has storage space for your pills. Contains beaker for drinking pills. Easily crush the pills into powder form. In compact and convenient package, it may only be transferred in an easy way. It guarantees an easy and safe use, and is designed according to European standards.

It is customary to use:
As a pill cutter: place the pill on the top and close the lid using slight pressure.
As crusher for pills: Unscrew the base and place it inside the pill. Turn to scrub the pill.
If you want to use the package as a storage space, remove the cutter and place into pills.
If you wish to use as a bowl, remove the cutter cap and the pill storage.

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