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Dexsil Veins (Body Gel) 100ml


body Cream
What is silicon
Silicon is the second component of the earth''s crust (27% by weight), immediately after oxygen and aluminum before. It is one of the 12 key elements of the elementary composition of bodies.
Found in abundance in the mineral world, but also in plants and animals.
The functions of silicon in plant are manifold: metabolism, growth, structure of animals, but especially the human body construction and has a functional role.
In nature, silicon exists only in the form of combinations because reacts rapidly with oxygen. These forms are generally poorly soluble and hardly assimilable by the body.
Silicon is one of the fundamental elements of living matter (plants, animals and humans).
It is a true architect of the human body contained therein in an amount of about 7 grams, ie twice the amount of iron, which highlights the importance of the biological opinion.
Silicon is present in various organs and glands, eg in the lung, spleen, liver, heart, brain, pancreas, adrenals, thymus and tissues of the skin and its derivatives (hair, nails).
Mostly, it is one of the components of the connective tissue (cartilage, bone tissue, adipose tissue and vascular tissue), which represents the most abundant bodily tissue in the body (30-40%). Thanks to the links of collagen, elastin, keratin and proteoglycans, silicon contributes to architecture, stability, strength and flexibility of all connective tissues of our body.
Reduction OVER TIME
From birth, the human body has a stock of silicon which is irreversibly reduced by the passage of time.
With the aging of human, have been used for more than 80% of stocks in silicon.
Furthermore, the silicon intake in the diet decreases as we consume more and more refined foods (white bread, cereals, shelled, peeled fruit, etc..).
Also, over time reduces the intestinal absorption.
The presence of silicon manages to maintain semetavlites quantities in cellular organelles and particularly in the mitochondria, and centrioles.
Such implantation in an environment of intense metabolic activity results in the treatment of silicon participation in cellular function.
Therefore, if silicon is presented in a form totally assimilable by the cell (properties allowing its penetration in the plane of the cell wall: size, electric charge, etc..) Could intervene in the improvement of complex mechanisms such as cell metabolism, membrane transport, defense system or even hormonal functions of the body.
Of course, the silicon found in virtually poorly fossil (SI02), hardly absorbed by the body. Moreover, when found in a soluble form (Si (OH) 4), silicon tends to react quickly and create polymerized forms, hardly assimilable. This reactivity can be inhibited by stabilizers create a steric hindrance around the molecule (Si (OH) 4), preventing it to connect to it and allow optimal assimilation of the silicon body.
In this manner a monomer molecule of reduced size, which exhibits enhanced ndialytotita even more increased concentration.
Numerous studies show that aging and slowing of metabolism associated with a decrease in the silicon body.
The aging of the skin is part of the universal process of aging, which is translated by the appearance of wrinkles, the fragility of the skin and loss of elasticity.
Knowing the importance of silicon for the metabolism of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, it is evident that the loss is one of the main factors of skin aging. Also, we find that aging and reduce silicon content at the joints and marrow, and a general reduction in the strength of the body, leading to reduced efficiency and fragility against disease.
If this reduction is the cause or the consequence of a more general mechanism, it is obvious that supplements assimilable silicon allow slowing the effects of aging.
Silicon is also a natural antioxidant to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body that can lead to premature aging.
Free radicals are molecules or atoms having an unpaired electron and therefore "free" in a circumferential orbit. These molecules are very unstable, have a very short lifetime (of the order of a microsecond) and are highly reactive chemical composition.
Their environment cause oxidation reactions, which may lead to significant and irreversible damage to essential proteins and membrane lipids.
Antioxidants have the ability to block these chain reactions by neutralizing free radicals.
Silicon, in certain forms, the molecule can be considered "locomotive", i.e. a molecule which drags and other molecules to release the center of the cells and therefore increase their beneficial properties.
The activity of the molecule empowering silicon allows numerous therapeutic combinations with other active ingredients.
Silicon is involved in many physiological activities.
By intervening in the composition and arrangement of collagen fibers, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, silicon gives back toning, hydration, smooths wrinkles, protects and helps regenerate the skin.
The beneficial effect of silicon in the joints is one of the main properties of:
Improves agility, strengthen cartilage and prevent risks associated with intense physical activity of the joints.
Silicon is involved in the formation of bone matrix and calcification.
Dr. stimulants mineralization process.
In vascular level, silicon promotes the composition elements which provide flexibility to the walls, allowing the traffic support and protect the cardiovascular system.

A form of silicon with amazing properties that perfectly assimilated by the body.
Amplifier action: when combined with certain substances, promotes the absorption and action of these compounds.
In DexSil Veins, the combination of bioactive organic silicon with MSM (sulfur) and specific essential oils greatly helps the circulatory system.
The best solution for good venous circulation.
Maintains the elasticity of the vascular wall.
Relieves symptoms such as swelling and heaviness.
Used for cosmetic foot care.
Helps maintain good blood circulation.
Rejuvenates and soothes tired feet daily.
Tip: Apply a little amount of gel to walk two to three times a day in a circular motion moving upwards.
To body gel DexSil Veins can be combined with Bioactive Organic Silica for optimum results.
Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation and in children under 6 years.

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