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Frezyderm Holistic Arnica Cream 50ml


Frezyderm Holistic Arnica Cream is a face-body cream that relieves injuries and muscle strain. Enriched with the unique active ingredient FD Symbiosis Complex, it provides protection to the cutaneous microbioma by improving both the epidermal barrier and the immune and detoxifying mechanisms of the epidermis. At the top of its composition are three valuable active ingredients that combine perfectly, to give the optimum skin care: Arnica Montana and Sorbus Domestica that relieve injuries and muscle strain and phospholipids with Moisturizing, soothing and rebuilding action. At the same time, the cream has a valuable combination of plant active ingredients:
-Picea Abies (Norwegian fir) and magnolia Extract for balancing skin microflora, antioxidant and anti-irritant action.
-Vegetable oil cane and coconut from renewable natural sources, for strong protection of the skin.

Fragrance free, color, Parabens, Silicons, EO
Compatibility with Homeopathic treatment
1, 5C skin temperature reduction
13% Hydration Increase
Dermatologically tested

Relief after injuries and strenuous exercise
Adults and children
Swollen, tired legs

Apply Frezyderm Holistic Arnica Cream with gentle movements 2-3 times a day.