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3M Opticlude Maxi 5,7x8,2cm 20pcs


3M Opticlude Maxi 20 Pcs
Eye orthoptists bandage

In 3M Opticlude specifically ophthalmic pads used for the treatment of strabismus and amblyopia (known as "lazy eye") in children and adults.
Tested, proven efficiency and reliability through years of use by orthoptists across Europe, ocular patches Opticlude, ensure a comfortable solution to a sensitive problem.

Applied over the preferred eye, Ophthalmology pad forces the weaker eye to function. The patch has a microporous support that allows the skin to breathe and therefore operate normally. The adhesive of Opticlude Maxi is hypoallergenic and gentle for children''s skin, thereby reducing the risk of skin irritation. It features a non-adherent absorbent pad that prevents secretions that leads the eye to stick with the pad eye.

Dimensions: 5.7cm X 8.2cm
Packing: 20 pcs
Produced in Poland

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