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Intermed Optofresh Eyelid Cleansing Foam 50ml


Intermed Optofresh Eyelid Cleansing Foam 50ml

The eyelids have very thin skin, so they are vulnerable to a variety of irritants, causing the appearance of irritation and dryness. Both ocular secretions or pathological reasons or physiological - and exposing eyelid multiple exogenous irritants (dust, fumes, smoke, makeup, dry air) irritate the eyelids and make them susceptible to the occurrence of blepharitis and other skin diseases .
The Optofresh eyelid cleanser, because it contains aqueous euphrasia and chamomile extracts, the appropriate care and cleaning foam sore eyelids.

The Optofresh eyelid cleanser:
♦ removes residues of exogenous irritants.
♦ Cleans eyelids secretions, caused by blepharitis, eye infections and dry eyes.
♦ instantly relieves tired eyelids and dry, thanks to the irritant action of euphrasia.
♦ soothes fatigued and red eyelids, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile.
♦ contributes to massage the eyelids, enhancing drainage of meibomian glands.
♦ Can be used in the alternative for treating pathologies of the eyelids or after surgery, based on physician instructions.

Keep in shady and cool place, away from children.

Made in Greece

Content - Packing: 50ml