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Thea Hyabak 0,15% 10ml



Eye drops with Hyaluronic 0.15 % .


The Hyabak is hypotonic solution intended for use in the eye or to the lenses epafis.Periechei sodium hyaluronate ( moisturizing and lubricating agent ) and aktinokinoli ( meidiotites agent against radiation UV).

Recommended :

For hydration and lubrication of the eyes feel dry or ocular fatigue caused by external factors such as wind , smoke , pollution, dust the dry and hot conditions , air conditioning , air travel , prolonged work at the computer screen .

For use contact lenses, epiptrepei lubrication and hydration of the lens in order to facilitate insertion and removal and provides immediate feeling of comfort in use during the day .

Can be used with any kind of lens epafis.I absence of preservatives also allows the protection to the eye tissue .

precautions :

Do not hold the bottle has been opened for more than 3 months.

Topical use .