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Thea Thealoz Duo 10ml


Thea Thealoz Duo 10ml

Protection, moisturizing
and lubricating the eye for the treatment of moderate to severe dry eye.
The Thealoz Duo is a solution which is administered to the eye or contact lenses. Thealoz Duo may be able to use the eye when presented tingling discomfort or irritation.
These symptoms may be caused by external factors such as air pollution, smoke, dust or cold conditions, the long hours in front of computer screen, heat, air conditioning, air travel.

The Thealoz Duo does not contain preservatives, something that helps to provide high levels of tolerance by the eye. This solution can be used by persons bearing lenses offering immediate comfort that lasts all day.

Its basic ingredient is trehalose is a disaccharide found in Pola plants and animals and the sodium hyaluronate, a natural polysaccharide component of the eye. Thanks to the unique combination of these two components in Thealoz Duo protects, moisturizes and provides lubrication for a long time the outer surface of the eye providing maximum comfort.

Content: 10 ml