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Thea Thealoz Duo Gel 30 x 0.4g


The Thealoz Duo Gel is a ypotono formulation of artificial tears that combine regenerative and kyttaroprostateytiki action of Trechalozis 3%, composting, healing and moisturizing hyaluronic acid 0.15% and prolonged action of Karbomeroys 0.25% .
Hyaluronic is a biopolymeres which can hold large quantities of water and simultaneously to snap on the ocular surface offering greater moisturizing and lubrication. at the same time the trechalozi improves the prolonged effect of Hyaluronic resulting in up to 50% reduction of enstalaxewn.
The Trechalozi enters the epithelial cells and provides protection to the cell membrane by the loss of water and proteins from denatured and thereby avoid dehydration of cells and wsmwtiko stress.
The Carbomer (CARBOPOL 974P) may adhere to the mucous layer of the tear film (polymer blennosygkollitiko), thus, the residence time of the Thealoz ® Duo Gel on the ocular surface creating a moisturizing film.

The solution of Thealoz ® Gel Duo is thin, delivers prolonged moisturization and long residency in ocular surface without blurs the vision or to stutter.

♦ Wsmwprostasia & Kyttaroprostasia
♦ Moisturizing and lubrication
♦ Long action (1-4 enstalaxeis per day)
♦ Immediate relief
♦ Excellent water containment capacity
♦ Avoid blurred vision
♦ Without phosphates & preservatives

Lubrication and protection moisturizing eye treatment for moderate to severe dry eye.

For external use only.
Store in shady and cool place, away from children.
Discard open containers immediately after use.

30 containers (doses) of 0.4 g each.