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TRB Chemedica Vismed Gel 20x0.45ml


Eye drops to relieve dryness and burning of the eyes with a longer duration. The patented and highly viscous formula with a higher viscosity quickly eliminates the teariness of the tears and provides increased protection and time relief in even more severe cases of dry eye and extremely severe symptoms.
From high purity, non-allergenic sodium hyaluronate 0.30%, without preservatives.
It has the necessary ions (Ca, Mg, K) close to those of tear concentrations
With pH similar to the normal of tears
Ideal for use with all types of contact lenses

Symptoms and signs of dry eye, damage to the eye surface due to diseases (eg surface keratitis).
Lubrication of the eyes when there is a dryness sensation in primary dry eye syndrome or Sjogren''s syndrome.
Ocular fatigue and burning without pathological significance due to e.g. Dust, smoke, dry heat, air conditioning, cold, air, prolonged use of computer screen, lens wear (soft or stiff).

Content - Packaging
20 Single dose containers of 0.45 ml