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TRB Chemedica Vismed Multi 10ml


Vismed Multi eye drops are suitable for combating dryness and burning of the eyes in a practical multidose package. Its patented and abrasive composition quickly eliminates the hypertonicity of tears due to dry eye and offers an ideal sense of comfort. Vismed multi has an innovative multi-dose compressed container with a patented drop system with a special air filter to protect against contamination and up to 3 months from the first opening of the package.
♦ From non-allergenic, high purity sodium hyaluronate 0.18%, without preservatives
♦ More than 250 drops for use up to 3 months after opening the package
♦ With pH similar to the normal of tears
♦ Contains the necessary ions (Ca, Mg, K) with similar to tear concentrations
♦ Ideal for use with any type of contact lens

Dehydration of the eyes when there is a subjective feeling of dryness, tired eyes, burning eyes, Sjögren''s syndrome, superficial keratitis, primary dry eye syndrome, and other local, non-harmful health disorders caused, for example, by tobacco , Dust, dry heat, air conditioning, air, cold, prolonged work on a visual display or the use of contact lenses (hard and soft).

Content - Packaging
Multi-dose container of 10ml