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VIT-A-DEX 5gr eye ointment with vitamin A and dexpanthenol Vaseline that treatσ dryness, irritation and burning sensation in the eyes. It does not contain chemical preservatives

VIT-A-DEX 5gr contains vitamin A, Vitamin E, dexpanthenol Vaseline, viscosity paraffin, lanolin, ketostearyl alcohol and distilled water. Due to this unique composition, the ointment is easily applied to the eyes, reduces dryness and burning sensation. It gets quickly absorbed and protects the eyes

VIT-A-DEX 5gr treats symptoms caused by 

  • environmental factors such as air pollution, the use of air conditioning, etc.
  • eye strain from long use computer and driving.
  • long use of contact lenses or for diagnostic tests 

It does not contain chemical preservatives


Apply 3 times a day, especially before bedtime

Remove the cap, tilt yourhead back and pull the lower eyelid out. Apply the ointment and gently close the eyes.
It is recommended to use the ointment for more than 30 days without interruption.


Do not use the ointment in case of infection or hypersensitivity to any ingredient.

You can use the ointment in case you use contact lenses. Use any other ophthalmic preparation at least 30 minutes after the application of VIT-A-DEX 5gr

Store at dry and cool place. Do not use the product after its expiration date.Keep away from children