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SKU 27372

Zwitter Salz 5% Eye Drops 50X0.50ml


SALZ 5% is a hypertonic, sterile, non-preservative, saline solution in disposable containers. SALZ 5% through natural osmotic action removes corneal edema and excess fluid and thus enhances the field of vision.
SALZ 5% can be used after ocular procedures (eg cataract surgery) and helps fight corneal edema as a result of eye examinations (eg angioscopy) by balancing the osmotic values ​​of the eye Edema of the cornea.

Indications: Hypertonic sodium chloride 5% solution, removal of corneal edema and excess fluid.

For outdoor use only.
The eye should not come into contact with the disposable container. Do not use disposable, disposable containers. The disposable container should only be used once. Do not use eye drops after the expiry date.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Content, Packaging: Disposable containers, 50x0,5ml

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