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Elastic Socks
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Vican Varisan Fashion Ccl 1 (18 – 21 mmHg) Silicone Thigh (class 1) 1 PCs


Varisan Fashion CCL 1 Therapeutic socks are suitable for varicose veins, varicose veins during pregnancy, initial stage of edema, varicose veins. They are considered light compression socks. The graduation of the compression is perfectly harmonized with that of the circulatory system, providing 100% of the desired trainee compression in the ankle, 70% in the calf and 40% in the thigh. They are certified by the German Ral Institute. The Varisan Fashion Therapeutic Stockings of graduated compression offer the optimum therapeutic application certified by the German Ral Institute while ensuring unsurpassed comfort, softness, modern aesthetics and transparent Result. The Varisan Fashion series has been manufactured from certified LYCRA and Polyamide threads for their suitability by Oeko-Tex. So Varisan Fashion socks have the right elasticity, are soft on the skin and have the right air permeability. The yarn is antibacterial while the silicone, where it is used, is a special hypoallergenic.
Recommended washing with soft soap on hand and drying away from sources of heat or sun.

Therapeutic with of graduated compression 18 – 21 MmHg, thigh, silicone, is considered light compression, varicose vein, varicose veins during pregnancy, initial stage of edema, varicose veins.

Acute subcutaneous diseases, existence of a peripheral artiriopatheias with an ankle lower than the arm index lower than 0.7 or regional blood pressure lower than 80 mm Hg, presence of cutaneous loimwxews, allergy to rubber products.

1 PCs

CAUTION: Due to the nature of the product, returns are not acceptable