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Elastic Tights
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Scholl Light Legs Gradient Compression Tights 60Den Black Large 1pair


Scholl''s graduated compression tights, contributes to good blood circulation and at the same time greatly enhances your feet. 60 DEN T-Shirt that feels and feels great. Graded compression helps to better blood circulation in the leg, thus preventing fatigue and pain. Its highly comfortable elastic knit, fits at your feet with targeted pressure making them look beautiful.
For up to 100 washes

Instructions for use
To avoid damaging the pantyhose, make sure your nails and fingers do not have harsh tips that could tear or leave points. Jewelry that could hoist the pantyhose remove before using it.
I) With your thumbs gather the pantyhose, place it on the fingers of one foot and pull it on your leg gently.
II) Wear the panty gently, stretching it on one leg upwards and repeating with the second leg.
III) Collect the top of the pantyhose and apply it gently to your waist, adjust it to your thighs, legs, ankles and fingers by pulling it and turning it gently.

Compression strap with Fiber Firm technology

Additional facts
Size: Large(L)
Black color
77% polyamide, 23% elastane
Display 60 Denier (DEN), opaque, 3.5-10 mm Hg graded compression, fingertight.

Size table

Made in Spain.

1 pair.

CAUTION: Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted

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