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Firtech Patella Far Infrared with 8 Magnets


Patella nanotechnology Far-infrared with 8 magnets. Another unique tutorial from FIRTECH. The kneecap this gives an unbeatable solution for knee aches, rheumatoid arthritis and instability, applies perfectly and fits all sizes knees. In this extremely difficult area, the pains and edema afflict thousands of people. The kneecap of FIRTECH but soothe the pain sensation and effectively combats the problems resulting from injuries and other causes. The kneecap that besides investments in bio-ceramic materials has 8 concentric magnets for faster result. Used for a variety of problems in the knees. Has Velcro for ease in positioning and applies to all knees comfortably. Offers incredible relief to chronic knee problems and is necessary in any injury.

Patella nanotechnology Far-infrared with 8 magnets

For external use only.
Store in shady and cool place, away from children.

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