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Adco hand hanging folder


Adco hand hanging folder 02102
The Adco hand hanging folder 02102 is suitable and ideal because it is made of cotton fabric. It features adjustable suspension strap with soft padding and foam shoulder as it is equipped with support slot for the thumb. It is ideal for soothing wounds conditions such as shoulder injuries, arm injuries, fractures shoulder as has therapeutic and postoperative immobilization of the injured hand. Also suitable for symptoms such as simple shoulder dislocation and is suitable for all cases of suspension of the upper limbs. It is high strength and quality, and is available in blue.
Helps maintain and support the hand and shoulder in a neutral and stable position.
Replaces adequately and fully the triangular bandage type "collar-cuff".
It offers and provides support and immobilization for mild sprains and dislocations of the affected area.

Code: 02102


sizes : medium 40cm, Large 46cm

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