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Kepler belt with for waist, hip and Back, 1 Pcs


An amazing tutorial and nanotechnology fabric to Mesis region, the hip, but the sides and back. Ease the pain of any form (musculoskeletal, joints, etc) thanks to the warmth that it gives.
The orthotics of Powerphram apply easily, are lightweight and do not distinguish themselves through the clothes!
The custom Powerpharm fabric bind the natural heat emitted from the body and returning in depth under application by creating a beneficial hyperemia and thus proper oxygenation. ideal for diseases of the hip, waist, back and sides and joints while gives supportive user confidence.
√ Soothe the pain sensation
√ Suitable tutorial for recovery
√ Applies easily (like all Orthotics of Powerpharm) and not through your clothes!
√ With smart design allows you to wear it and in the middle of the back and low on the hips.

Belt waist, hip, side, back

1 piece

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