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DUO Fruits Passion 6pcs


Condoms DUO Fruits Passion 6pcs

With a wide range of products, from 1980 were first in Greece condoms DUO, inspire men and women to enjoy sexual experiences. High-quality condoms DUO, provide prophylaxis and safe contraceptive protection from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
Condoms Fruits Passion with flavors of strawberry, banana and tutti frutti, suitable and ideal to offer fun and creativity to your love life. Intensifies the passion creating an exciting and unique experience for you and your partner. Made of highly elastic natural latex, with smooth rubber surface for natural feel with a special pool of sperm and lubricant coating is designed to add a new level of creativity and security.

Characteristics :
flavors of strawberry, banana and tutti fruti
Special shaped 65mm wide head
Smooth and transparent surface with natural color
Neutralizer vanilla flavor
Lubricant coating and seminal outcome
Nominal width 56 mm

Content: 6 pieces

Instructions: Keep condoms in a cool, dry place, away from direct exposure to heat and sun.